Importance Of Professional Installation

Adding new flooring to your home is a wonderful thing, and a BIG investment. To ensure that your new floor looks beautiful, and is fully functional, we recommend that the new floor is installed by a professional. There are many details that go along with installing a new floor correctly. Junge's Flooring has knowledgable installers that will give you piece of mind that it was done right the first time!


When it comes to flooring warranties, they can be a great thing! Most warranties go as far as covering staining, soiling, abrasive wear, fade resistance and scratch resistance. Although, warranties for each product will and do vary, we will give you the information you need to know regarding the warranties of your selected product. To better understand each products' warranties, feel free to ask one of our sales consultants any questions you may have.

Carpet Care & Maintenance

Having carpet in the home can seem like a lot to keep up with, but with regular care and maintenance, it is a very easy product to live with. 

Vacuuming and scheduled cleanings are the best and most efficient way to keep your carpet looking beautiful! All moderate to heavy traffic areas (hallways, steps, areas around the furniture or beds) should be vacuumed daily or every other day. Especially, if you have pets in the home. Regular vacuuming prevents dirt and soil from being embedded into the carpet fibers as well as keeping the carpet fibers from being crushed and matted down. As for regular cleanings, most carpet warranties require homeowners to professionally deep clean the carpet every 12-18 months to keep the warranty valid. 

Be sure to clip any snags at the source before vacuuming to prevent any further damage to the carpet fibers. 

For more info visit the Carpet and Rug Institute website.


Hard Surface Care & Maintenance

Hardwood Care: Hardwood is a beautiful product but it requires some upkeep. Sweep up any debri often, wipe up any spills promptly and be sure to have felt pads on any furniture or surface that may have the potential to scratch the surface. 

Vinyl Care: Vinyl flooring is a product that makes clean up a breeze. Sweep your vinyl floors at least once a week. Wipe up any spills right away. Use an approved cleaner to mop the vinyl. And use protectors for heavier pieces of furniture to prevent any possible damage.

Laminate Care: Laminate may be easier to care for than real hardwood, but still requires some regular maintenance to keep them looking great! Sweep and dust regularly to prevent scratching. Wipe up any spills immediately to prevent any water damage. Use a recommended laminate floor cleaner for mopping. And use felt protectors for furniture at all times. Replace these protectors as needed. 

Tile Care: Tile is the easiest surface to care for when it comes to flooring. It's tough! Sweep and mop regularly. When mopping, use a tile and grout cleaner recommended by the manufacturer - after mopping with the mixed solution, rinse with water and wipe dry. 

Selecting The Right Product For Your Needs

Thinking about purchasing new floors but not quite sure what product(s) are best for you? We can help! 

When assisting customers in selecting what product is right for them, we take a few things into consideration. The type of area the product will be going into (kitchen, main bath, kids' bedroom), the traffic pattern the area will encounter, if there will be kids or pets in the home, and of course the look that person is going for. 

We will help determine which product will best suit your personal needs to ensure that you end up with beautiful flooring that will last.

Your Flooring Budget

We understand that everyone has a budget and sticks to it! Here at Junge's Flooring, we have various price points that we guarantee are affordable, as well as ensure that you get the look and quality you desire and very well deserve.

After all, we are here to SERVE you, the valued customer.  

Additional Info


We value our customers and their homes! You can rely on Junge's Flooring to ensure the job will get done right the first time! 

We employ full-time installers that take pride in their work to guarantee that your home will look great after the installation process is complete. 


"Best flooring company in Rochester. They have done work on several of my houses, they have all the best names with the low prices of a smaller shop! Very honest and trustworthy! I would recommend them for any flooring needs!"  - Lars J Hottel 

"These guys know how to do flooring! They're priced right and their work is number 1! They're the only company I trust to do my floors. Polite, knowledgeable, affordable, experienced. I have their number on speed dial!"

- Michael Wondrow

Schluter Systems Retailer

Junge's Flooring is proud to be a retailer for Schluter Systems. If you have any questions regarding the products, please do not hesitate to give us a call. For additional information, click to find out more.